Thursday, May 19, 2011

On the eve of chapter one's release

I was hoping that by this time I would be able to share that I am contracting someone to make a cover for the book…

It seems impossible to get someone who makes covers to write you back. I have written 15 queries to different E-Book cover designers, trying to get one made. For two weeks now, there has been absolutely no response from even one of them. With that in mind, if you have an E-coverer designer that will contact me, please send them my way. I have done my research, I know what I will spend, send only legitimate designers, no spammers looking to make more money than is typical.

I was trying to have a cover ready when we released chapter one. This is turning out to be tougher than I thought. The one reply I received was asking 1500 bucks, and this is more than three times what is normal for an E-book cover; and mine is a simple design for a fantasy cover!

Just wanted to vocalize a frustration I am having right now. Sorry, I used all of you to vent. It has been a long two weeks of sending out queries…

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