Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time to Celebrate!

This is big news for us.  Granted, the news is not extremely huge, but we felt the need to share it anyway.  At 1:08am mt time, I checked the best seller lists on to see where our book sits.  Optimist that I am, I started where anyone hoping to find their book would, at the back of the list...

Fast forward to page ten of ninety-one and I still can't find Osric's Wand anywhere on the list.  So at this point I am thinking that I over-looked it somewhere, but I continued my search just in case.  Page nine, eight, page seven, and there it sat!  I double checked to see if I had entered the search correctly.  I was in the fantasy section, and all I had clicked was the "Best Sellers" button.  I counted the books per page and there was ten.  Ten per page and Six full pages ahead of it, then it sat just four down.  #64 Wow!  I can't begin to tell you how great it felt! is a small achievement, but it is very much an achievement!  Nothing against smashwords, but when you put them up against the likes of Amazon and Barnes and Noble, they don't compare to the shear number of books available.  But their are literally hundreds of books published there on a daily basis, and to know that we are ranked #64 (<--check out the link!) for our genre's best sellers list, that is AMAZING!

So, what are we going to do to celebrate this occasion?  Well, I put about ten seconds of thought into this.  What did I come up with you may ask?  I am going to give away ebook versions of Osric's Wand on of course!  Who are we giving it away too?  Anyone and everyone who wants it, and reads this blog!

So all you have to do to get it is sign up on (takes about a minute), find Osric's Wand, click the "Add to Cart" button and enter the code in the "coupon code" spot. Then, just download it in the form you want to read in.  Every e-reader has it's own instructions for how to move a file from your computer to the reader, so I will leave that to you.  Now, all you need is the code...

At this point I am tempted to drone on about how my college life has been going, or how I feel about my daughter turning nine years old.  But I have a feeling that you will just scroll down to the bottom of the page and steal the code without reading any further, I know I would!  So at long last, here is your code.

NG52Y <--- Good through the end of the January 2012, enjoy!

Send all of your friends who love to read fantasy here!  Spread the word, and we will update you all on how many we give away at the first of February.  Oh, my update for #WIP500... got a bit behind because we have set up over twenty blog review of Osric's Wand this week, but we did make some progress.  The next book in the series sits at 14,130 words so far.  This one hasn't been named yet, but looks to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 100k when complete.