Sunday, February 13, 2011

So I’ve Recently Begun Writing

I have decided that i would like to start blogging about my experience as a new writer. I have always been a book lover myself. I do tend to stick within the genre of fantasy and Sci-Fi. I loved the worlds of magic that they could take me to. My all time favorite stories are the ones that millions would also agree upon. Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, Sword of Truth, Harry Potter, Enders Game and so on....

Then i found myself for the first time in my life without a job. Now i do still continue the Job search but, as everyone in America knows, Jobs are not easy to find these days. So after handing out Job apps, i find myself with too many hours of downtime each day. After I had finished reading my twelfth book that week i decided to start writing one.

Three weeks later I had Six chapters and a fairly good start. Then as I got further into the story, I found the progress harder to make. I kept having to go back and add several mundane and important details into the already written chapters. In fact I sometimes have to spend an entire week adding them in just the right places. Struggling over which part of the story to tell next is a huge battle for me and has, several times, left me with writers block for weeks.

Then I also find myself sidetracked on many occasions. I go online and read things like J. A. Konrath's blog "A Newbie's Guide to Publishing" which is truly an inspiring blog, and I would recommend everyone to read it.You can find that blog here. I found that blog on one of my days of being sidetracked, and have since thought about blogging my experiences as a new writer to see if anyone else goes through this when they start. I am very new to this whole world of blogging as well, so i will beg your indulgence if i do it wrong.

I, like anyone who is writing there first book, think my book has potential to be a best seller. Though it may be a bit premature to think so, as i haven't thought up an ending yet!, I have found myself trying to find things like editors, book cover designers, as well as friends and family who will read what i have and tell me if it is any good. Though i have found an abundance of people willing to read my book in its unfinished form (and all say it is fantastic, which makes me feel really good about its potential), I have yet to decide on a cover designer/editing service. Those are the things i find myself looking for these days, and I am more than willing to take any suggestions on those fronts.

So here I am, a mere eight weeks into writing my first Novel and I am over half done! I am excited about it, and to be honest, most nights it keeps me awake. I have the night to work on my story. It keeps my mind racing so much that i find myself smelling the coffee pot as a reminder that i haven't slept at all that night. What I am hoping to do with this blog is to see if there are any writers out there experiencing the same things I am, Get a feel for the thoughts of others on these events, see if there is any interest in the steps I take along the way, and hope to learn as well as show what i have learned though the whole process. If interest in what I am writing comes along with these things, I would be a fool to refuse to tell everyone what it is about.

So I hope that you enjoy my blog. I ask anyone posting comments to be respectful of not only myself but everyone else who post comments. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in this blog, any particular area you want to know if your the only one experiencing issues on. Leave it in a comment and i will do my best to research it for you. Have a nice day.