Monday, May 16, 2011


We put some thought into a logline (hooklin) for our novel, and this is what we came up with. Let us know what you think!

When a historic peace treaty signing is interrupted by the threat of war, the unproven leader of an elite security force must set out to save his homeland from an unknown adversary, and discover how magic and his fate will evolve together.


  1. Wow, that sounds great! =) Makes me think something like, "When fate and magic collide, history will change." Is this available for purchase yet?

  2. That's great! But how about names and specifics? Maybe it could be even greater? <3

  3. Mrs. Trujillo: No it is not available for purchase yet. It is our work in progress. We are releasing the first chapter on this blog Friday morning. But the Novel should be published come fall 2011. It will be the first in a series of books.

    Lyn Midnight: This is just the logline we came up with that is intended to be a short description of the book to peek interest. We are working on a longer description that includes names and more details :-)

  4. So . . . why "Osric's Wand" ?

    Are you or Ashley big fans of Hamlet?

    Or have I failed to score "a palpable hit" ?

  5. siebendach: The name is entirely a coincidence. I was looking through lists of Old English names for inspiration with my 7 year old. She saw and loved Osric :-)

    Karen: Thank you! :-)

  6. As a beta reader I had the chance to know a bit more about it So I can say that from the very begining of Osric's world. The character is endearing and his difficulties to deal with magic wand and events had strike my attention completly!
    Some characters reminded me of Narnia's world but this very little similarity did not distract me from the suspense and charm of the story is just the opposite !
    The conception of this new magic hold me in suspense throughout the whole story as it will certainly do for all those who are fans of magic.
    Currently, I hope I didn't say too much about it. It's really a fantastic fantasy story!
    I'm impatiently waiting for more of Osric's adventures!


  7. Soahade: Thank you as always. You have been a wonderful support to us as we write. I feel blessed to have you as a beta reader

  8. Honestly, fantasy fans need to lighten up about surface similarities between different works! Part of the genre's definition is that it involves extra world-building --- and that world-building is always on a delicate line between being complex enough to make you curious, but not complex enough to leave you confused and frustrated. That's a tall order, and if you don't want "another story with elves in it", or "another story with a character who has 'wolf' in their name somewhere" or "another story where the hero gets wounded in a battle" then you're going to overlook a lot of interesting things!

    It's like people running down Silence of the Lambs because Hannibal Lecter's in a Maryland asylum, and that makes it too much like "Chessie, the Seamonster That Ate Annapolis".

    Stick to your guns, Soahade! And Jack, it's great seeing that the new indie authors aren't all cop thrillers and vampire romance! Let's raise the fantasy genre to new heights in the 21st century!

  9. siebendach: Thank you again for your thoughts. We are doing our best to bring something fresh and exciting, yet identifiable to the table.

    The Narnia similarities arise from the fact that in out world, a lot of animals speak. Not only do they speak, but two animals are main characters. This is something we set out to establish in the first chapter. We like the way it feels for our world and will stick with it for sure.

    Thanks again for your support. Support is everything to us.

  10. sorry, that is supposed to read as "first chapters" not "first chapter"