Friday, May 13, 2011

Coming soon!

I turn Thirty-three years old next Friday! Wow, I do not even know what that means too me to be honest. I have put some thought into how I would like to celebrate the big day. What I have concluded is, I want to put the first chapter of our Novel on this blog! And to be the ruler of the universe…


I have devoted a large portion of the last 6 months to writing it, our beta readers have put in nearly 4 months of that time as well, and once I was able to recruit Ashley full time, the story soared to new heights.

Today while I was in college, Ashley put what I feel is the final additions on the chapter. Don’t misunderstand; there is more than one chapter written, but we are making this chapter public next week so we are pouring over it repeatedly. All that remains now, in my humble opinion, is to examine it closely for grammar, punctuation and the like. We are well on track for a fall release. This blog entry is to inform my readers of next Friday’s blog release of the first chapter. I hope you enjoy it and please give us some feedback! Universal domination plans will be kept top secret for now…

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