Thursday, April 21, 2011

Update on Beta Reader Program

We have recently started a Beta Reader program for our book.  I must say that it has been the best choice I have made since deciding to write my story.  I cannot begin to tell you how much fun it has been to work with people, who genuinely enjoy the book.  One reader was watching me write a portion of the book. That has to be the most memorable part of this whole experience for me.  She was commenting in the chat section while I was writing, and everything she asked for/about was exactly the effect that I was trying for.  That has to be the most amazing feeling ever!  We also have a couple of wonderful people a part of the Beta reading, who have helped tremendously with the grammar, content, and flow of wording.  They have almost edited the entire document as it is.  We have received nothing but good from the program, and a lot of positive feedback about the story as a whole.

The progress on the book has been slow recently because the co-author moved and has had a roommate move in.  There has been a ton of painting and lifting heavy objects in the last month. That is nearly finished, and soon we will be returning to write the last portion of the book.

We are working through rewrites at the same time we are writing the book.  We have identified several areas that need attention in the book, and we are working hard to get back to the book so that we can address those issues.  There is one area of the book that gets unanimous approval from both of us, and our Beta readers.  That area is the Preface.  Therefore, we plan to share that portion of the book with the world this Sunday.  We will be using twitter's #SampleSunday to promote this, and we hope that it generates good attention for the book.

We hope to see you again this Sunday (Easter) to read a small portion of our book.  We would love to see what you think about it, and we may bring more of the book into the public light if there is a good amount of response this Sunday.

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