Saturday, March 5, 2011

Writing Progress

Many things have happened since my last blog. I have, through much effort, talked one of my best friends into co-authoring the already ten chapter book with me. She has already provided me with a ton of useful information while writing the book, and at times has given me much needed inspiration. So i felt like recruiting her to add more to the story was a slam dunk.

She will be writing the breakaway parts of the story. Which for me will be wonderful, it will free me up to continue with the main line of the story. Then of course the parts will all join together at the climax of the book (in a way).

I have given great thought to it, and I am thinking of recruiting Beta readers to help with the editing process. Since we are writing the book in Google documents it should be relatively easy to accommodate that sort of arrangement. I have searched for reasonably priced editors for some time now but, for me, fifteen hundred dollars for an editor is a little out of my price range now, and that does tend to be the average price for a novel size book.

But we are making progress in the story. How the story will end has been figured out, and there are still going to be several more characters added to the story line. I do believe that the story has great potential, with the success of The Chronicles of Narnia and the Wheel of Time series, I believe my story could find a following if we do not wreck it in the writing process.

The next several weeks are busy ones and i think that very little writing will take place, but i do like where we are going with it. When we find the time to continue, I think the direction we are heading could be a truly amazing fantasy story to tell.

This book is taking place as the foundation for history. In our story, very little history has already taken place. They are at the beginning of recorded history and legend. Discovery and understanding are a hard fought battle. They have to try to master these new unknown's with the threat of a massive magical world war on the horizon, while battling preconceived notions of how things should be.

So that is the spoiler meant to entice those of you interested in helping in the editing process. Shoot me an email or a comment if interested

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