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Excerpt from Osric's Wand

On the Authors, from the Authors:

I didn't plan to write a book with Jack.  We didn't look up from our smoked gouda and portabella ravioli one day and say "hey, we should write a book..."  It wasn't an epiphany inspired by the antics of our daughters, his six months older and therefore clearly the leader and mine the follower.  It was more an evolution of design.  I received an urgent text message pleading with me to come read what he had written.  I assumed he wanted me to edit a paper for his psychology class, so I penciled him into my hectic schedule.  That's what friends do, right?  A few paragraphs in and I suspected his psychology professor may be in over his head, but I was hooked.  When I encouraged him to keep writing, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Try as I may to convince him that I do not have time to collaborate on this book, he has far too much potential for me to sit back and watch him succeed without me.  Besides, who wouldn't want to write a book with a self-professed super hero? ~Ashley

Ashley has been an inspiration to work with.  She has a knack for detail and has held our novel to a high standard, in spite of my tendency to make giant leaps in the plot.  She has also given many of our characters a voice that surpassed my initial designs.  I have been motivated to expect more creativity and description from myself, as a result of her influence.  She has won over many of our beta readers with her character descriptions, and often forced those changes through well-timed headlocks.  I blame her for everything we get right, and with my neck brace firmly in place, I look forward to collaborating with her through the entirety of this project... regardless of the potential for broken bones. ~Jack


With the discovery of any new world, there are the select few who's names go down in history as the quintessential pioneer, first to tread on new ground, the first to see, to smell, to touch, to live and explore. One man was the first to enter into Tolkien's Middle Earth, to feel the fetid breath of an Orc breathing down his neck, and to crave the power of one ring. Only one was the first to pass through the enchanted wardrobe into Narnia, to battle the White Witch and to be crowned by a lion.  I bequeath upon you the right and responsibility to be among the first to embark upon a journey into Archana.  A world of magic and mystery; an uncharted land with new races, new rules, unique characters, intriguing plot twists, and the occasional arrow in the ass...

Osric's Wand
The Wand Maker's Debate

There is a time when history begins; a time when those who live feel the need to write their story, for those who come after them to read. When recollection of events of importance cannot be left to one’s offspring alone, but must be shared with all. Then there is a time where history transcends into legend, when strongly held beliefs are tried by fire, and traditions are questioned. There are beginnings that truly are beginnings and those that were only thought to be. This is that world, this is truly their beginning. What they thought was knowledge, was only a foundation. They will delve into a depth they have never known, discover things they never thought imaginable, and struggle to uphold the truth rather than be consumed by it. With magic in its infancy, and a world in turmoil, an endless chain of possibilities lies dormant. Rousing them has the potential for paragon or chaos, and only time will tell. There are no ancient secrets to unravel, no great times of the past. These are the days that will become the legend, the beginning of all record.
Just as Leonardo da Vinci has mapped out the human body, and the world has begun to discover the mysteries within, so it is on Archana. With the rudimentary structure in place, they now have what it takes to discover what magic can do, both the mundane and the divine. Lore begins in these days, and mythology will forever echo their names.

Chapter 1
At Rounds End

Projected Release: Fall 2011


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