Monday, March 26, 2012

Indie Book Collective Changes Lives!

We had the pleasure of participating in a promotion last week, ran by The Indie Book Collective.  We gave it a full week before we announced our impression of the event, so that we could see how everything evened out after all the excitement had leveled off.  So, here is our impression of The Indie Book Collective, and all that they stand for, all their knowledge and expertise.

To put it simply, if you are a self-published author, or even a small press publisher looking for ways to get your clients books noticed: Stop what you are doing, and go to their site, sign up for all of their classes, invest in their advertising campaigns, and DO EVERYTHING THEY TELL YOU TO DO!

Only a few weeks ago, Osric’s Wand was languishing (100 -200k rank) in the slush pile of self-publishing.  We were plugging away at things, seeing rising and falling ranks.  We even managed to hit a bestseller list for about 5 minutes in the UK Amazon site.  But, as with most of those who take the self-publishing route, we needed that “break”. 

I joined many of the classes that they offered, and like a sponge, I soaked up everything that they would teach me.  Not only did I learn, but I also put into practice everything I could.  Immediately our sales grew steadier, and our rank held firm in the 50 to 70k range.  It did not stop there…

I joined the #LuckyDays #FreeParTay promotion with dozens of other authors, and we all worked our butts off for 5 days, giving away free eBooks.  The FreeParTay is a tried and true promotion that the IBC has pioneered, but we still worried a bit because of our lack of experience in promoting our novel.

Hand in hand with some amazing authors, we all promoted each other’s books through our social media platforms.  You can read all about the success of the event on their blog here

When the smoke cleared, and the promotion was over, Osric’s Wand had found a home in three bestseller lists, in three countries.  Not only did it find a place, but it has held its place in all three lists for over a week!  We sell more eBooks daily than we did in a month, now!  Our paperbacks have seen equally impressive gains in sales!  We are not the best performer of the group, either!

These people know what they are doing!  I highly recommend that everyone who is struggling in the Indie publishing scene take the classes they offer.  Put them to the test as I did.  They will change your life, just as they have changed ours!

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