Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Gesture of Gratitude

As you can see, this site has undergone an extreme makeover.  In fact, our book Osric’s Wand has a new cover design, and has gone through another round of editing as well.

Things are looking better than ever for the world of Archana.  We have recently banded together with a group called The Indie Book Collective, and we cannot begin to thank them enough for all of their help.  This group is geared toward helping indie publishers find success among the thousands of other new books on the market.  We are incredibly excited about where Osric’s Wand is headed, but today is not about our excitement.

It is a thank you to our readers!

We will be giving away two signed copies of our book with the new cover!

That’s right folks, you can have the paperback copy on your bookshelf!

I know what you’re thinking… What’s the catch?

Just a couple of mouse clicks and a quick conversation.  Most books sell because of ‘word of mouth’ advertising, so we are asking for your help.

1.)    Go to our amazon page and 'Like' the book.
2.)    Scroll down to the tagging section and tag it by clicking the boxes: Epic Fantasy, YA Fantasy, and Fantasy.  Then hit ‘agree with tags’.
3.)    The next time you are talking with a friend, tell them about our book.
4.)    Comment on this blog post and be sure to leave you email.  Done!  We will enter you into the drawing. There is no way for us to verify that you talked to a friend about it, but we will take your word for it. 

Want more chances to win?  Great!

1.)    If you mention us in a forum on books, take a screen shot and share it with us, you will get an extra entry.
2.)    If I catch you tweeting about #OsricsWand, another entry.  (Tip: cc me on the tweet @jackdalbrechtjr so I don’t miss it!)
3.)    Invite your friends to like our fanpage on FB, and voilà!  Another entry! 

This Friday we will have a random drawing of names and announce the winners, but you will only get your name in the drawing if you comment on THIS BLOG and leave us a way to contact you!  We know it takes more than one person to make this thing a success, and we want to thank all of you who have helped us along the way.  We greatly appreciate each one of you and all of the support you have given us.

Want More of Osric’s Wand?

We are currently building a team to read the newest edition of Osric’s Wand.  We need people for peer review, beta readers, and beta reviewers.  Contact us at (jackdalbrechjr32 @ gmail dot com) or twitter @jackdalbrechtjr if you want the chance to read the next installment before anyone else!

You can be one of the first to see what comes next in Osric’s journey!


  1. Jack and Ashely, it's been my pleasure to read and review your wonderful novel. I am truly looking forward to more adventures with Osric and his friends (especially the adorable Pebble).

    You've both done an amazing job and should be proud.

  2. Thanks Yolanda! You are entered into the drawing :-)

  3. I would definitely love to have a hard copy of this book! And count me in for the next installment :-) nadila.daffinee at yahoo dot com :-D
    or N Daffinee on Goodreads

    1. Thanks for the support! You are entered into to drawing :-)

  4. I hit just about every option! my email is

  5. Thanks Marie, you have been entered into the drawing! We appreciate everyone's support!

  6. A hint at ways to get even more entries...

    Goodreads is a great place to make recommendations for people looking for books like this. :-)

    P.S. Don't go spamming, make sure they are asking for a book like this! ;-)